Works very well. Severe pain would keep me up all night. I would have to get up and walk around and put pain cream on it. This brace took the edge off the pain and I am now able to sleep with no interruptions. I still have some pain at night but not bad enough to keep me awake. Shoulder is healing nicely now. Great product!

- Corina

I suffer from chronic but minor pain in my left shoulder. I use this brace when I hike, or go to the gym. This brace does the trick with its support and compression. The size is good for me, I can adjust it to achieve the right compression. Breathable, big enough, easy to put on, it has pocket for thermal treatment, great design! I really appreciated the customer support, they checked to make sure I received it. I was happy with my order and with the customer service. I strongly recommend this product.


The item was as described and arrived on time. It is comfortable and does keep pressure on my shoulder. The material isn't hot and it's very comfortable. Since wearing this brace, the pain has lessened and I am really very optimistic that it will improve with the support this brace is giving. The added pocket for an ice bag works great, and you no longer have to sit somewhere in place to ice your shoulder. I would buy this shoulder brace again and recommend it to anyone with shoulder issues.

- Mike

Helped with shoulder pain. Very nice.

- Mark

It is really easy to adjust. It came with an easy and clear instructions. After a few days I have noticed a big improvement on my injured shoulder. Recommend this product!

- Alex