6 tips to motivate yourself to work out

​We all know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to get up, shut down the TV and to go to the gym! We have collected 6 tips to help you become more motivated to work out and take care of your body.

1. SET GOALS This one is more important than you might think. There are two types of goals: long-term ones and short-term ones and you should focus on both. Science says that people are more prompt to achieve their goals if they write them down, so go grab a notebook and a pen! 2. PLAN Plan, plan, plan! You must plan the time you want to spend working out otherwise you will end up doing everything else but working out. You can also set a weekly schedule, this will for sure help you stay motivated and focused! 3. LET WORKING OUT BECOME A HABIT If you consistently work out for a certain period of time it will become your habit and you will start to feel the need to work out. I know this might seem impossible if working out is not a part of your daily routine, but trust me if you do something for a while every day it will sooner or later become a part of your routine and a healthy habit. 4. FIND INSPIRATION In the modern age that we live in this step is actually easier than you think. You can follow some inspiring fitness accounts on Instagram to stay inspired and motivated every day, you can also follow our account on Instagram: @alpha_genial where we share daily inspirational quotes and photos. We're also very active on Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/alphagenial 5. FIND A WORK OUT PARTNER Having someone else to keep you motivated and to keep you company is always a great idea when you're just starting out! 6. REWARD YOURSELF! No matter how big your goals are and how much work is ahead of you before you reach them, never forget to take time for yourself to relax and enjoy life! We believe that you should always have one day a week completely to yourself to relax and regenerate :)