Our story

After years of working at a seated desk in front of a computer, our founder Brigita began to experience constant pain in her shoulders. The type of pain that makes you hunch over so that strangers find you mildly unapproachable at times. So, she started looking for a solution, and she found that her only options were a series of exercises, meditations, hot/cold compresses, and relaxation. These all seemed great, but Brigita knew this approach was unrealistic for her and her busy schedule, so she started The Alpha Genial Company.

Don’t get us wrong: The Alpha Genial Company promotes well-being and we believe that it is fundamental to the overall health of an individual. We absolutely believe that the proper exercises, meditations, and treatments are not only beneficial but also very important! Let’s be real, though, the time to work these routines into our modern, busy lives can be elusive, and that’s why we’re here. We specialize in creating exceptional products that use the highest quality raw materials. Our first product was the shoulder support brace, a shoulder wrap designed to provide the best support and optimal compression for a fast rehabilitation process and protecting the shoulder from any further injuries, adjustable to fit most body types and all genders and can be used for both the right and left shoulder.

Our new product is a knee support brace with improved, universal, two-way adjustable design, that fits a wide range of sizes and gives a tailored fit. The Alpha Genial knee support brace improves healing and stability in knees that are weak or injured. By providing compression and support, it reduces and prevents pain in the knee joints and tendons. It is ideal for recovery after sprains, bruises, inflammation, and other minor knee injuries. In conjunction with adequate rest and recovery, the use of a knee brace can improve mobility and reduces the risk of injuries during intense exercise or heavy usage.

At Alpha Genial we strive for a happy, active and pain-free life. We believe that you only deserve the best!