revolutionary alpha genial knee brace


OPTIMAL KNEE PROTECTION. Protect your knees from pains and injuries with ALPHA GENIAL ADJUSTABLE KNEE BRACE! It provides the maximum support for your knee, whether you’re performing WOD, Cross-fit training or going for high-intensity workouts like Powerlifting, kickboxing or bodybuilding. Also, it is ideal for post-surgery recovery or for professions that require long hours of standing or walking.

NEW IMPROVED DESIGN. Our ergonomically designed compression sleeve brace allows you to bend your knees with ease while offering a greater stability. It features a circular silicone pad sewn into the inner layer of the knee brace, delivering cushion around the patella, tendons and underlying muscles during heavy usage. Also, it effectively provides compression, offers joint pain relief and protection from meniscus tear, arthritis, ACL, MCL, tendonitis and other injuries.

SUPERIOR COMFORT AND MOBILITY. Perform a full range of movement without any stiffness or discomfort! Our knee brace is crafted from breathable and elastic perforated fabric for long term usage. It increases the blood flow and preserves heat to reduce stress, swelling or pain, so you can make the most out of your workouts! Also, the breathable outer layer and sweat-absorbent inner layer work together to keep you dry and feeling fresh!

UNIVERSAL FIT. Our open patella stabilizer offers a one-size, fits-most solution for all your compression needs! It is suitable for both men and women and can be used on either the left or right knee. The most frequent complaints heard about knee braces are failure to stay in place and slippage, so we have designed our knee braces with 2 adjustable Velcro straps to eliminate this frustration while allowing you to adjust tightness, depending on the intensity of your workouts.

ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU. Our multifunctional running wrap will be your knee’s ultimate protection from pain, injury and discomfort. But in a rare case if you aren’t "5 STARS HAPPY", simply let us know within 12 months of your purchase and enjoy 100% cash back. Also, if you have any question or concern, simply drop us a message and our friendly customer support is ready to answer you promptly and completely. SO WHY WAIT? MAKE YOUR WISE CHOICE TODAY!



Basketball, jogging, weight lifting, Cross-fit or even long hours of standing puts a great amount of pressure on your knees. So, it is important to wear a comfortable knee protection to give the appropriate support for your knee to protect it from injuries that may potentially affect how you achieve your fitness and life goals!

But, are you fed up with cheap and low-quality knee sleeves which get stretched and cease to create compression after a short time of use?

Look no further! The solution is here!


Our knee support offers the right amount of compression to suit the type of workout that you want to complete. The breathable and elastic perforated fabric keeps pressure off the knee cap, regulates the blood flow and provides maximum support and stability to help prevent unwanted injuries, pain or swelling from happening whenever you perform physical activities and exercises. Also, it aids in speedy recovery from post-injury and operations.


✅ Open-patella design with inner silicone cushion. Protects your knee and lets you easily bend it, so you can perform a wide range of movements with freedom and comfort.

✅ Unisex knee brace. Fits 13-19 inch knee circumferences.

✅ 2 adjustable Velcro straps. Prevent slippage and let you adjust the tightness.

✅ Great for gym or fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, athletes and for professionals such as nurses, teachers or construction workers.

✅ 100% satisfaction or your money back! No questions. No small letters!